Intensive Interview Training

Intensive Interview Training Overview

Accomplishing the visa interview is not an obvious matter. Sometimes it tends to be the most complicated part of the entire immigration process. Mostly our consultants find the applicant to attend for the interviews and complete it properly might be very difficult work.

After accepting the required documents and having the payment confirmation for visa fees, National Visa Centre (NVC) will assess the application file for integrity and will schedule an appointment for the visa interview with an appropriate visa consulate. The exact date, time, and place of the interview will be sent to the applicant via email or post. Receiving the visa interview appointment letter, the applicant should start preparing him/herself for the meeting.

Many of the applicants get nervous to confront the visa interview. But we at CONFIDENT OVERSEAS CONSULTANCY, do not leave our client alone in this curious time. Our highly trained instructors develop and enlighten our clients about the meeting and the potential inquiries that might appear during the interview. They prepare our applicants so well that they can confront the meeting with certainty and with a positive methodology.

Interview Training's Benefits

At CONFIDENT OVERSEAS CONSULTANCY, we prepare our applicants with verbal interviews in several sessions by proving the identical atmosphere that they might face during the meeting. It helps our clients to develop their confidence and attitude what helps them to control their body language during the visa interview. As a result, they can conclude the interview with dexterity. You will these things:

  • How to make a great impression at the sight
  • How to control your nervousness and be confident
  • How to maintain eye contact with the interviewer
  • Dealing with panel interviews.
  • Develop your communication and language skills.
  • How to maintain the proper interview dress code.
  • And finally, how to finish the interview in an impressive way.